Simon Signal is our event protocol and the event processing pipe that powers it. Using this onsite method you can send us data then use that data to trigger downstream events.

You have two options to ingest with Simon Signal:

  • A JavaScript pixel you can install directly on your site, via Google Tag Manager, or via Tealium (for web developers using JavaScript)
  • Use the Event Ingestion API to send data upstream directly via our endpoint (for server-side developers or if you're using a language other than JavaScript)


Simon.JS vs. Webhooks

  • Sending real-time events data from a website or mobile app to Simon? Use Simon.JS.

  • Sending real-time events data out of Simon to a third party? Use an integrated channel action or an outbound webhook.


Enable data routing first

Before using Simon Signal to ingest events, you need to setup data routing to ensure data from simon signal is routed to your warehouse.