• Datasets: Unlock the power of data transformation with Datasets; this feature allows you to write SQL to transform your data and create custom or calculated fields, even without direct access to Snowflake, enabling Marketers to drive personalized campaigns with ease and precision.
  • Query Tag: We added a Query_Tag to your Snowflake query history. This tag is for Simon internal use. It contains the application within Simon that generated our query. It's not backward compatible and subject to change without notice.


  • User Permissions: You can now choose from three pre-configured user roles or design custom permissions. Read our guide here for more detail.

  • Segmentation: For both property filters and event filters using the is and is not operators, there are now up to 1000 field values displayed regardless of how many distinct values exist for the attribute you are filtering on. You are no longer left guessing the format of any attribute while building segments, even if it has more than 1000 distinct values.

  • Privacy Requests: We have improved our backend processing of Privacy Requests to more quickly delete individual's data that have requested erasure.

✨ New

🔨 Improved

  • Flows reporting now includes reporting over unprocessed contacts. If contacts are skipped for any reason, you can see this detail in reporting to investigate any discrepancies between Simon and your downstream channels:

  • We added a drop-down box for fields with distinct values so you don't have to guess the syntax for the field value. This is available for both property filters and event filters using the is and is not comparisons. The list is populated with values from your data warehouse with values refreshing daily. Newly connected fields may take a few minutes for their values to be available. If there are more than 1000 unique values, you'll need to manually enter a value. Learn more here.

  • You can now use multiple Braze accounts when you add the destination to a Flow. To add multiple business units to your authentication, follow the steps here.

    From the Account ID drop-down, select the Braze account you want to trigger from.

    From the Account ID drop-down, select the Braze account you want to trigger from.

All accounts currently authorized display on the integration page

All accounts currently authorized display on the integration page

📚 Documentation updates

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We look forward to updating you every week with new and improved product features as part of our release cycle. Any questions or comments? We want to hear them! Feel free to leave feedback directly on the documentation page or via the Support Center.

  • The activity dashboard was removed and replaced with the Flows Index page to make way for future improvements.

  • AI powered segment descriptions are now available based on your property filters:

  • Webhook authentication was updated to allow for 15 domains maximum (previously 5 maximum). You can now view all existing, connected domains from the integrations page.

  • You can now send a webhook test in Flows.

  • Data feed syncing is now available in flows. Contact data is sent downstream to your Snowflake instance. To enable or disable, from the left navigation expand Admin then click Settings, then Data Feed Configuration. When enabled, you'll see the Data Feed details at the bottom of the Flow creation screen:

  • From the segment details page, the number of live flows powered by that segment are now displayed:

New! AI powered Segment descriptions. Auto-generate your segment descriptions while selecting property filters.

Improved! We made enhancements to the query generator that powers the segmentation tool. You should notice that the views Simon maintains are a bit clearer and easier to read. Additionally, the top-level segment filter group option has now been fully superseded by the property filter group level segment filter; these two options are identical semantically, this is just UI consolidation providing users less ways to do the same thing.