Set up a Connected Deployment

What is Connected Deployment?

Connected Deployment from Simon Data transforms Snowflake into a CDP (Customer Data Platform) for your marketing team, all without data leaving your cloud data warehouse.

How can Connected Deployment help you?

Unlike traditional tools that only serve the needs of Data or marketing teams, Connected Deployment from Simon Data is different. Built on Snowflake, Connected Deployment gives the security, governance, and data-sharing benefits of a Cloud Data Warehouse, with a no-code UI for marketer-friendly day-to-day use.

Ready to dive in? Get started using the steps in these guides:

Our goal is to get you up and running with Connected Deployment as quickly as possible. Use these guides to get connected then start activating segments in Simon flows right away.

Setting up Connected Deployment happens in four, short parts detailed in the guides linked below:

  1. Locate and prepare your data: consider certain lightweight specifications for the Snowflake tables you choose to share with us - then share them with us by contacting your Account Manager. Go ahead and move on to step 2.
  2. Connect to Snowflake: create and grant roles for Simon in your Snowflake instance, then let us know when you're done and we'll manually prepare you for step 3 then let you know when you're ready to go.
  3. Configure your tables in Simon's Schema Builder: choose a few customer attribute tables and event-based tables to include.
  4. Authenticate Destinations: Choose integrations to authenticate in Simon so you can send data downstream

That's it! Now you're ready to build.

Connected Deployment Guides

Use the following guides to support your connected segment creation and use: