1. Locate and prepare your data

Before you connect to Snowflake and select tables in Simon, identify your tables that meet the requirements in this guide. Consult with your marketing team, and consider what data is relevant to them when they are creating segments as you choose tables to connect.

At a minimum, we need the following data in order to use the platform:

  • Identity Table (Required)
  • Other Property or Event Property tables
    • These aren't required to set up Connected Deployment, but you'll want to grant us access to data you need to power any segmentation otherwise your segments will only be based on identifiers and nothing else.

Customer Identity Table

Before you can begin using the Simon platform, you must share an Identity Table because it's the backbone of our CDP. If we don't know who your customers are, we can't send them anything!

This is a key part of the onboarding process, and we will work with you to create your Simon Identity Table. It must have:

  1. A stable identifier.
  2. Relevant channel identifiers.

If you don't have a stable identifier, your experience won't be optimal. Learn more here.

Contact Identity Table as it displays in the Schema Builder (more detail on that soon)

Contact Identity Table as it displays in the Schema Builder (more detail on that soon)

Stable Identifier

First and foremost, you must have a stable identifier in the identity table that you will connect to Simon Data. A stable identifier is a unique primary key for customer profiles. Whatever identifier you choose as your stable identifier will be the keystone of the segment builder.

Stable identifier requirements

The identifier must be:

  • A string, not an integer
  • 1:1 per profile, meaning each profile can have 1, and only 1, stable identifier
  • Readily available in your Snowflake instance

The identifier can't be shared across profiles, meaning the same stable identifier can't be associated with more than one customer profile.

Channel Identifiers

Customer attribute fields that identify a record for a specific integration (i.e. “channel identifiers,” such as email for Facebook or sfmc_id for Salesforce Marketing Cloud) must meet the following criteria in order for your outbound integrations to work:

  • Each channel identifier must be included as a field on the identity table you provide to us
  • Each channel identifier must be aliased into an appropriately named column on that table (see below for the appropriate column name for each channel identifier)
ChannelAppropriate column name for each channel identifier
Attentive SFTPN/A (included by default)
Google Adsemail
Oracle Responsysemail
Salesforce Marketing Cloudsfmc_id
SFTPN/A (included by default)

Prepare to connect to Snowflake

Once you've located your identity table and other event and customer property tables share the details with us via email or Slack then connect to Snowflake!