Use Pinterest audience targeting to reach specific users on Pinterest via Customer Lists. Sync your Simon Data segments to your Pinterest business account to create an Audience that you can use in targeting specific customers with Pinterest Custom Audiences.

Before you begin

  • Review Flows if you're new to Simon
  • If you haven't already, authenticate your Pinterest account in Simon.

Getting Started


  1. Log in to your Pinterest Business account.
  2. In a separate tab and as an admin, log in to Simon.
  3. From the left navigation expand integrations, then scroll to find Pinterest.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Click Authorize. You'll be directed to Pinterest's authentication page to allow Simon access.

Sync Custom Audience


Considerations & Use Cases

  • This action syncs segment/flow results to Pinterest by creating a new Audience. To use the Audience, follow Pinterest's help guides.

  • The Pinterest Audiences created in Simon will match the name of your flow. Pinterest assigns the Audience a unique ID in your Pinterest business account.

  • Pinterest must find at least 100 matching accounts from the flow you send over to create a customer list. Read more about this requirement here, under Customer Lists.

To use the Pinterest Sync Custom Audience action:

  1. Create a flow.
  2. Click Add Destination.
  3. Choose Pinterest, then Sync Custom Audience:

Configuration Parameters

Account IdThe Pinterest business account to sync to. If you only have one Ad Account authenticated with Simon, it's selected by default.
List Type- Email
- IDFA: choose this for IOS
- MAID: for Pinterest, non IOS based mobile IDs. To include IDFA, choose IDFA in the list type

You can choose one list type per action. If you need to sync more than one type, add the action to the flow multiple times with different list types.