Sync Data Extension


With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Data Extensions you can add and remove contacts during syncing, to keep a segment in sync. However, the content will not be updated once a contact has been loaded into the Data Extension.

You can use this action to create a Data Extension from within Simon, and using it for multiple variants in an experiment.



  • Subscriber Key must be set up as SubscriberKey (without a space) in the data extension in Salesforce in order to sync properly
  • All fields should be set up as Text Fields with length set to maximum (500 characters)
  • This action is a full-overwrite. All contacts in the segment are sent each run. Full-overwrite actions may not be in the same flow as non-overwrite actions, but you can duplicate the flow then change the destinations in the copy.

To get started:

  1. Create a flow.
  2. Under Destination, choose the Salesforce Marketing Cloud channel then the Sync Data Extension action.
  3. Configure the parameters described below:

Configuration Parameters

Data Extension NameIf you click Create new data extension, name the new extension.
Data ExtensionChoose your existing Data Extension list if you're updating an existing one.
FieldsOnly appears if you're creating a new data extension.

Add one or more fields to send to the extension; the first must be your primary key. You can also use custom values.