Build with a Connected Deployment - Quick Start

Building in Simon is made up of two essential parts: segments and flows.

Two parts to building include segments and flows

Begin by identifying a group of users you want to send data about downstream, or send personalized messaging to directly as part of your marketing strategy. 🎯

What attributes does this group of users need to have? Are they recent purchasers? πŸ›οΈ Frequent purchasers? πŸ’Έ Haven't opened an email in a while? πŸ“§ Haven't purchased over a certain amount? πŸ’° Or a combination of multiple attributes. These choices are available as filters, based on the Snowflake ❄️ tables you chose in the schema builder. Then use all this to perform functions like creating a segment in Simon that also creates a view in Snowflake. ✨

Two parts to building include segments and flows

To send that segment data downstream to one of our native integrations, create a Flow using one segment you created previously.

With a flow, you can add one or more data destinations and actions using our native integrations and add personalized values and messaging. πŸ“€ You can schedule send times, set a one time or recurring schedule, etc and set up experiments. ⏰ Then, follow the progress and status of your flow in the flows dashboard.

Ready to get going? Let's begin by building a segment.