Sync Simon Segment Attribute


Use the Sync Simon Segment Attribute action to sync your segment details with a new or existing custom attribute in Braze.


Considerations & Use Cases

You can create a new custom attribute or update one you previously created in Simon by matching the flow name to the custom attribute.

For example, a flow name of High LTV Users would create a custom attribute with the name: simon_high_ltv_users and set the value to true ; if a user is removed from the segment in Simon, it will set the value to false

To use the action:

  1. Create a flow.
  2. Under Destination, add the Braze channel then the Sync Simon Segment Attribute action.
choose action from drop down
  1. If you have multiple sub-accounts authenticated, choose the account you want to sync to from the Account ID drop down. Account names are displayed in Simon only and configured in admin; learn more here.
  1. There are no other configuration parameters. Simon updates the custom attribute based on the current segment membership.