Privacy requests

In order to comply with privacy laws affecting the management of a contact's data, Simon Data offers a tool to easily forward requests to delete data for a contact. The introduction of regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) create the need for businesses to have systems that are privacy by design and privacy by default. As a data processor, Simon Data makes it simple to comply with the requests of data subjects.

Request Type

How to Submit a Request

  1. From the left navigation, expand Admin Center then click Privacy Requests.
  2. Click Create Privacy Request in the upper right-hand corner.
  1. Select the Delete contact action.
  2. For the contact you wish to delete, enter their stable identifier. To delete multiple contacts, enter the identifiers as comma separated values (e.g. [email protected],[email protected]).


Notes on stable identifiers:

  • If you're not sure what your organization's stable identifier is, ask your account manager.
  • In order to be processed, identifier values included in the “List of Identifier Values” must be formatted to match the identifier values stored in your organization's Identity Input Table.
    • For example, if phone numbers are stored as +1(123)456-789 in the Identity Input Table, they must be entered that way on the Privacy Request form and cannot be +1 123-456-789, 1(123)456-789, etc.
  1. Once you've entered your list of stable identifiers to delete, click Submit to submit the Privacy Request. This will take you to a confirmation form where you will be asked to confirm the request by typing the word Delete. After confirming the request, you will see confirmation that the request was successfully submitted. Note: this action cannot be undone or cancelled.

Monitoring a Request

You can monitor the status of your request by returning to the Privacy Requests page. One of the following statuses will be displayed for each request:

  • Requested: the request has been received
  • In progress: the request is being processed
  • Completed: the action you requested has been completed

Additionally, the submitting user will receive an email notification when your request is complete.