Add to Custom Audience


Use this action in a segment triggered or recurring flow, or a Journey, to add contacts to a new or existing Custom Audience.



  • Identifiers available to sync are email address, hashed email address, phone number,IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) and GAID (Google Advertiser ID).
  • TikTok for business requires 1,000 custom audience matches to create a Custom Audience, however there's no way to confirm your match rate prior to choosing a segment.
    Why 1000 matches?
    • TikTok doesn't allow ads to run against audiences with a very small number of people due to privacy concerns and to ensure ad effectiveness.
    • Running ads to a small audience may expose personal information, go against privacy policies, and not yield desired results due to insufficient data for optimization.
  • Contacts are not removed from the Custom Audience when they exit the Journey. Be sure to also include the Remove Contact from Custom Audience action to your Journey.
  • It takes one hour minimum to see your contacts added in TikTok.
Action from a Journey

Configuration Parameters

Ad AccountFrom the drop down, select the ad account to sync to. If you don't see the ad account you're looking for, submit a support ticket. To sync to more than one account, add additional actions to the flow.
Audience NameBy default, this matches the flow name. You can choose to use this default name or create your own.

What this action does with your data

Flow TypeFunction
One-Time Adds contacts to the Custom Audience one time
Recurring By segment membership:
When a newly added contact joins a segment, adds the contact to the Custom Audience

Doesn't remove data, including duplicates

Adds contacts to the Custom Audience on the cadence you set with the flow