Dynamic Yield


Dynamic Yield enables website personalization and website A/B content testing. You can send data from Simon to Dynamic Yield via S3 from a Flow, using the steps below.


To authenticate Dynamic Yield so you can use our integration from flows and journeys, you need to work with your account manager. At a high level, the process works like this:

  1. Let your account manager know you want to use Dynamic Yield from Simon, then give them these two items:
    1. a list of the fields and attributes you want to send
    2. the .csv of your attribute mapping
  2. Our team works with Dynamic Yield to set up a specific folder path for Simon to send data to then performs a test send. We'll let you know when the authentication is complete and provide you with the folder name to use below.

Use the action

Once your account is authenticated, add the Dynamic Yield action to a flow.

File Details

Dynamic Yield requires the full path and file name to drop the file, in this format. Copy and paste this Jinja snipped to include the data and time required by Dynamic Yield. [dynamic yield id]/upload_{{ now() | format_datetime('YY-MM-dd_00-00') }}/CRM_data.csv


Choose the fields you want to send, or select a recent action to use the same fields used previously. You can send over any contact properties that will exist on the contact profile in Dynamic Yield.


Order fields correctly

All fields entered must show up in this exact order shared with Dynamic Yield at the outset.

Hash values in email field (SHA-256) after converting to lowercase

Choose this if you want to to anonymize and deduplicate data. You must check this box before clicking OK if you want to use it.