• Create an API key in Klayviyo following their guide.
  • Your Klayviyo email and password.

Authenticate in Simon

  1. From the left navigation, expand Admin Center, then click Integrations.

  2. Scroll to Klayviyo then click Add or Edit.

  3. Enter your Klayviyo email and password

  4. Paste your API Key.

  5. Click Save Changes. Successful connections display Connected in green.

Available action

Once you've successfully authenticated, add this action to a flow.

Sync Contact To List

The Sync Contact To List action maintains a list of contacts within Klaviyo.

Configuration Parameters

List Name: Update and existing list, enter your Klayviyo list name exactly as it appears in Klayviyo. Otherwise, enter your own name choice or click Use default name and the list name will be the same as this flow's name in Simon.